Recruitment process with contract

How to oversee all the applicants ? At which step are they? Did they confirm their interview ? Have I sent the confirmation email? Bubblz is here !

At a glance, you can visualize and oversee all your applicants, know at which step they are and all the actions that have been made on the file. Your emails are repetitive? Do you wish to send them automatically in a flash?

It is possible : Write your emails only once and send them to any applicant, with the possibility to personalize them.

You have two entry points within this process :
- The applicant can fill in a form via a public form which can be directly incorporated on your website ;
- You can also, as recruitment officer, add applicants within the platform.

The first step is the résumé analysis. You can accept it or refuse it :
- In case of refusal, an automatic email is sent to the applicant to inform him of your decision. The file will be archived ;
- In case of approval, the file move on to the phone contact step.

The phone contact allows you to discuss with the applicant about his project and allows you know if the applicant continue within the process or if this applicant does not suit you.
- If you refuse this applicant, an automatic email will be sent to him indicating refusal and the file is archived ;
- If you accept this applicant, you move on to the next step.

The next step is the physical interview preparation. You will have to fill in the date and the hour of the job interview that you agreed on with the applicant by phone. A confirmation email will be sent automatically to the applicant.  Once the job interview programmed, the file will move on the "First interview" step.

Following this interview, you will be able to pass the candidate in second interview or to refuse it. In both cases, he will receive an email, indicating your decision. If the candidate continues the process, you must contact them to schedule a second interview. You will enter the date and time of the interview on the file. The candidate will receive a confirmation email. Once the appointment is scheduled, the folder will move to the "Second interview" step.

Following this appointment, you have two options :
- Accept the candidate: he then receives an email indicating that he has been accepted and that he will shortly receive a contract of employment.
- Refuse the candidate: an automatic email is sent to him indicating the refusal. You can customize the email to indicate the reasons for the refusal.

For your part, as a recruitment officer, you must download the work contract on the platform and send it to the candidate. From there, the candidate receives by mail a link to a public form, on which he will be able to view, comment and download the work contract.

It will also accept or decline the proposal :
- In case of acceptance the candidate will be able to put on the public form the signed work contract and return it to you;
- In case of refusal, you will be notified by email and the file will be archived.

After acceptance, the file goes to the next step and you just have to establish all the administrative steps on your side before archiving the file.