Opening position process

Do you wish to make your job description creations flow better ? This process is made for you ! It would allow you to have an overview of all your current recruitment requests. You will be able to find easily all your job descriptions and the vacancy advertisement you have written.

To start :
- Your internal collaborators make a request via a public form incorporated on your intranet ;
- Or you can create an new request directly within the platform.

Your first action will be to check if the job description already exists. If it is a new one, you will have to create it, upload it within the platform and send it to the enquirer for validation. The enquirer can :

- Validate the job description. Then, the file will move on vacation notice writing step ;
- Refuse the job description by  explaining the reasons for the refusal and the changes to be made. The file will be processed and sent corrected.

In either case, you will receive a notification email notifying you of the applicant's response.

Following redaction and uploading the vacancy notice, you send it to your collaborator to obtain his approval.
Such as the previous step, he can accept it or refuse the vacancy notice :

- In case of refusal, you will have to reprocess the file following the returns ;
- In case of approval, you will only have to publish the notice on the internet and archive the file.