Management of media spinoffs process

Create corresponding project labels for the journalists with whom you are in contact. 

Step 1 : Journalists contacted 
At this stage will be stored all information about the journalists you have contacted.

Step 2 : Relaunching 

At this stage, Add deadlines to be notified that you are still waiting for your contact to return.

Step 3 : Waiting for a response 

The Multi Scenario feature allows you to sort your contacts by whether they want to communicate, expect additional information, or are not interested in the subject.

Step 4 : Scheduled Publication 

At this stage the journalist will informe you of the date of publication by a public form. 

Step 5 : Waiting for confirmation of receipt of information

At this stage the journalist will validate a public form

Step 6 : Media coverage
Enter the day of publication of your articles and you will only have to archive the project once the publication has been made.