Video creation process

The content creation process begins with the creation of a new project. You can :

  • Create it directly within the platform by your internal collaborators ;
  • Have new project proposals by your clients or external collaborators through your website

When the project has been created, you must do the brief then have a meeting of Brainstorming and make available the documents summarizing the meeting. Subsequently, your sales representative will be alerted in order to get a customer signature. 

As soon as the client's signature, you can go into production. You can easily view your writing, pre-production, shooting, and film editing stocks and those that are in progress for each step. 

When the film editing has been done, you must validate by the entire team the completed project :

  • If you validate, the project will be sent to the customer for validation
  • If you refuse, your project will be moved in the "Film editing stock" phase and will have to be modified following the team's comments.

When you validate the project, the client will be able to validate or not the audiovisual productions :

  • If he validates, you will be alerted. All you have to  archive the project. 
  • If he refuses, you will be alerted of the changes to be made and the project will be moved to the "Film editing stock" step.