Ticketing process

Created by Bubblz team

The ticketing process allows a collaborator to require an action from an internal service, whatever it is (IT department, human resources, accounting...) The dashboard allows you at a glance to know all tasks you have to do. Save time by automating notification emails to you collaborators.

The ticketing process

IT department, humans resources, accounting, all support functions, , you are daily requested by  your internal collaborators ? You are overwhelmed ? Bubblz is here ! 

Your collaborators can fill in a public form. You will be directly alerted of the reception of a new ticket.

You have two possibilities:

  • Accept the ticket : you will have to deal with it;
  • Refuse the ticket : an automatic notification email will be sent to your internal collaborator to indicate the refusal. The file will be archived. 

In case of approval, the ticket will move on to the next step. Once the ticket done, you will be able to archive the ticket, an automatic notification email will be sent to you collaborator to inform them that you have dealt with their ticket. 

Pourquoi utiliser ce process ?

  • Oversee all your ongoing tickets ;
  • Allow your collaborator to have access to a public form to make an organized request autonomously ;
  • Notify automatically the collaborator. 

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