Content creation process

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The content creation process allows you to oversee all your current creations, to gather files by project, to manage the sharing of these files with clients and to centralize different contents.

Content creation process

The process starts with the creation of a new design request. It can be done through two ways:

  • Directly by a client on your website via a public form;
  • By an internal collaborator directly within the platform.

The first stage is to allocate the project to a creative, who receives all the elements by an email on which he will find a link redirecting to a public form. It can also upload his creations.
Then the project manager has to validate or to refuse the creation before sending it to the client.

  • In case of refusal, the project will be sent back to the creative;
  • In case of approval, the project will be sent to the client. 

Finally, the customer will have the opportunity to validate the project :

  • He can accept the creation, you will be alerted and the project will be archived;
  • It can refuse the creation, you will be alerted of its return and you will be able to modify the elements to be changed that the customer will have indicated in the public form. He can even comment directly on the creation.

Pourquoi utiliser ce process ?

  • Oversee your different projects of creation;
  • Centralize your files;
  • Share large files with a corporate identity and style guide;
  • Automate the tasks.

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