Customer relationship management process

Created by Bubblz team

The business contact allow your prospects to contact your company. It alerts you at each new demand, make the management of your existing demands flow better by allowing you to insure a service of quality to your clients. Save time by automating the allocation to the right collaborator, which will be able to meet the demand, and to the sending of the answer to the enquirer.

Commercial contact form from a website

The process starts with the creation of a contact demand. The main use case of this process is that the demand is filled directly via a public page incorporated on your website, but you can also fill it on internally.

The first stage will be to allocate the demand to a collaborator who will be able to meet the expectation of the prospect. He will be able to deal with the demand via a public page. The client will receive an email with a link to a public page on which he will find the answer of the demand.

To make the service more attentive to the client, he will have the possibility to express his opinion concerning the released answer. He will be able to accept the answer, you would only have to archive the file or to refuse the answer, you will have to deal with the demand again. 

Pourquoi utiliser ce process ?

  • Offer a contact point to your prospects;
  • Allow them to complete all possible applications;
  • Allocate rapidly the file to the right representative;
  • Deal with your demands rapidly thanks to the mailing automation;
  • Oversee the wholeness of your demands;
  • Deploy the form on your website in few minutes.

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