Supplier payment process

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The supplier payment process allows you to centralise and handle with all the supplier invoices you have to pay. Automate theconfirmations sending emails to your suppliers in order to save time and to insure you good relations with them.

Process of invoice payment

This process starts with the creation of a new payment request, it can be done through two ways: 

  • The bookkeeper can create it directly within the platform;
  •  Internal collaborators can make a request directly via a public form available on your intranet.

You can visualise the invoice within the plateforme and validate or not the invoice to send to your suppliers. After making the payment, you can to archive the file.

Pourquoi utiliser ce process ?

  • Oversee all your supplier invoices to pay;
  • Centralise all your contents;
  • Automate the email sending to your suppliers.

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