Billing recovery process

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The billing recovery process allows you to insure the follow-up of payment of your client invoices. Save time by automating the sending of reminder emails to your clients in case of non-payment. Oversee all your current reminders and contact your clients in punctual way. Keep a traceability of all reminder actions made.

Billing recovery in case of outstanding

Your customer did not pay you all in good time ? Start a collection process. You can do it through two ways :

  • The person responsible for recovery can initiate a project within the platform
  • Internal collaborators can make a demand directly via a public form available on your intranet.

The first step is to send to the client a first reminder by mail and to indicate a deadline to his reminder. The client receives a link redirecting him to a public form on which he is able to upload a payment confirmation.
If the allocated time is not respected by the client, you will have to send him a second reminder with a new deadline.

If the client persists in not paying the invoice, you have to move the file within the process to the steps "Formal notice". 

If the formal notice does not get any answer, you have to initiate an injunction. Once the invoice paid, the recovery could be enclosed.

Pourquoi utiliser ce process ?

  • Oversee all unpaid invoices of your clients;
  • Contact them automatically in case of persistence of non-payment;
  • Keep a traceability of reminders.

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