Expense account process

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The expense account process allows your internal collaborators to ask for a refund from the accounting department. Save time sending automated emails to your collaborators to confirm the treatment of their file. Oversee all your expense accounts by centralizing contents.

The expense account process

Simplify your work, with this expense account process. Gather all the refund requests of your collaborators.

Yout internal collaborators can make a request via a public form, which can be integrated to your intranet.
Once the file on your process, you can accept or refuse the request. An automated email will be sent in both cases to the enquirer.
Once the request processed, your will only have to archive the file. An automated email will be sent to the collaborator to inform him.

Pourquoi utiliser ce process ?

  • Oversee all the expense accounts of your collaborators;
  • Keep a record of all elements;
  • Send automatically notification emails.  

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