Vacation request process

Created by Bubblz team

The vacation request process allows you to oversee all your vacation requests on a unified overview. All your collaborators can submit their request since a public form and the HR team is able to validate or to refuse them. Notification emails are sent automatically, allowing you to save a precious time.

The vacation requests process

All your internal collaborators can make a vacation request via a public form available on your intranet. You can also create some requests directly within the platform. 

The HR team manages the request and have two possibilities : 

  • Accept it
  • Refuse it 

In both case an automatic email is sent to the collaborator to announce him your decision.

You will only have to archive the accepted requests.

Why using this process ?

  • Manage your vacation requests easily and quickly ;
  • Centralise all your vacation requests ;
  • Send automatic emails as respond to your collaborators.

    Save 14 minutes per project

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