Co-optation process

Created by Bubblz team

This process allows you to manage your recruitments on a unified dashboard. Using this process, you will gain efficiency and visibility. You can find the right profiles and save money !

Co-optation process

How to supervise all the applicants ? How to easily give the opportunity to employer to nominate ? Did I send the confirmation email ? Has the job proposal been validated ? Bubblz is here!

At a glance you can view and supervise all of your applicants, know the step they are in and all the actions you have done. Are your emails repetitive ? You want to be able to send them automatically with one click ?

It's possible : Write your emails once and send them to any candidate or employer, always having the possibility to personalize them.

You have two entry points on this process:

  • The employer can fill out a public form that you can integrate directly on your website ;
  • You can even add a candidate on the platform.

The next three steps are : sorting resumes, HR interviews, and managerial interviews. At each of these steps, you have the possibility to advance the application to the next step or to refuse it and archive it.

If you want to hire the candidate, put the job proposal online and send it to him directly. He may, using a public form, validate or reject the proposal. By validating, he will have to insert the administrative documents requested.

The candidate will advance through the trial period steps. At the end of this period, you can validate or not his admission to your company. If he is taken, you will only have to pay the bonus dedicated to the employer.

Why using this process ?

  • Supervise all current applications on the process ;
  • Trace all actions performed on an application;
  • Group all the documents in one application into one place ;
  • Automatically send predefined emails to candidates and employer ;
  • Add comments about the applicant at any time.

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