Management of media spinoffs process

Created by Bubblz team

The media impact management process allows you to track the progress of your press relations once your press releases have been sent. In a wink, visualize the contacts who have already returned to you and those who you are still waiting for a return. Gain supervision by scheduling your interviews, planning media releases and press releases from the platform. All of your information is centralized at a single point of entry and the exchanges made from the platform.

The media impact management process

Create corresponding project labels for the journalists with whom you are in contact. 

Step 1 : Journalists contacted 
At this stage will be stored all information about the journalists you have contacted.

Step 2 : Relaunching 

At this stage, Add deadlines to be notified that you are still waiting for your contact to return.

Step 3 : Waiting for a response 

The Multi Scenario feature allows you to sort your contacts by whether they want to communicate, expect additional information, or are not interested in the subject.

Step 4 : Scheduled Publication 

At this stage the journalist will informe you of the date of publication by a public form. 

Step 5 : Waiting for confirmation of receipt of information

At this stage the journalist will validate a public form

Step 6 : Media coverage
Enter the day of publication of your articles and you will only have to archive the project once the publication has been made.

Why using this process ?

  • Follow the progress of your projects
  • View the dates you contacted the journalists
  • Follow up dynamically
  • Edit reports to analyze your activity

    Save 36 minutes per project

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