Event organization

Created by Bubblz team

The event organization allows you to perfectly manage the organization from A to Z of an event! Digitize all "logistical" and time-consuming tasks related to the organization of the event.

Event organization 

Create your new event ideas within the platform, you can also allow your internal staff to propose event ideas via a public form available on your intranet.

When you choose to organize an event, you go through a managerial validation by assigning the people who will take care of this event. Upload information such as event date, budget, stakeholders, location to secure and collaborate effectively.

You are at day-50, validate your list of tasks allowing you to be structured and check the logistics of the event! Then go to the content writing phase.

Then do a last logistic check and as well as selected providers. After this check, automatically send the event reminder to your guests. It has never been so easy!

Then to prepare the Day, make a list of tasks allowing you to follow the points to follow and not to forget! 

When the event has been realized, at Day + 2, send the thanks in one click! no need to copy paste your email addresses! Following feedback from the team, you can archive the event!

Why using this process ?

  • Save time by automatically sending reminders and thanks to guests;
  • Visualize at a glance the progress of current events; 
  • Collaborate effectively with your internal and external collaborators.

    Save 31 minutes per project

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