Contract renewal process

Created by Bubblz team

The contract renewal process allows you to reiterate annually the contracts that you have signed with your external collaborators. Supervise all your contracts at a glance. Save time by allowing your external collaborators to interact with you, by signing the required documents, and by moving the project forward through public forms.

Contrat renewal process

Do you want to have a follow-up of all your contracts to renew annually? Bubblz is here! 

You have two entry points to register a new contract :

  • Or by filling out the form directly on Bubblz;
    Either every year, taking out the files of the archives.

Once the project within your process, put online the new contract to be signed and send it automatically, via a public form, to your external collaborators. They will then be able to view and download the document and return it to you signed. You will be automatically alerted when the document is received.

After verification of the contract:

  • You can archive it
  • Or return the contract because it contains some errors. You then indicate the incomplete elements in order to the collaborator sends you the contract correctly via a public form.

Why using this process ?

  • Supervise all of your contracts to be signed or renewed;
    Process your files quickly thanks to the automatic sending of email;
    Allow your employees to easily interact with you through public forms.

    Save 27 minutes per project

    Import this process for free