Brochure request

Created by Bubblz team

The brochure request process allows any of your clients to ask for a brochure via a public page incorporated on your website. You are notified instantly of the request and you can send back the required file in three clicks.

The brochure request process

The process starts with the creation of a new brochure request. It can be done through two ways: 

  • Directly by a prospect on your website;
  • By an internal collaborator on the platform.

The first stage is to deal with the request. You have to upload on the platform the required brochures. They will be sent automatically to the enquirer. He will have the possibility to visualize, comment and download them via a public page. Then there is only the archivage left.

Why using this process ?

  • Send rapidly and easily documents or brochures to your prospects;
  • Oversee all your brochure requests.

    Save 16 minutes per project

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