Customer's invoice management process

Created by Bubblz team

The customer's invoice management process allows you to oversee all the client invoices awaiting for payment. Save your time by sending automatically the invoice to your client via a public form.

Customer's invoice management process

The process starts with the creation of a new invoice. It can be done through two ways :

  • An external collaborator (a bookkeeper) can create it via a public form; 
  • An internal collaborator can create it directly within the platform.

You have to prepare the invoice and to upload it within the platform. It will be sent automatically to the client via a public form. Then you will be able to archive the file.

Why using this process ?

  • Optimise your invoicing process;
  • Centralise your contents;
  • Insure a reporting of the invoice payment;
  • Convey quickly documents to your client.

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