Membership process

Created by Bubblz team

The process of a new member in a society allows you to deal efficiently with your new membership requests. Save time by automating the sending of public forms via email and by allowing them to sign and provide all documents you need.

The process of new member in a society

Would you like to follow all your new membership requests ? Would you like to collect easily all documents you need from new collaborators ? Bubblz is here !

The process can start throught two ways:

  • By filling in a form directly on the platform Bubblz;
  • Anyone can directly fill in a public form available on your website, you will be automatically informed.

Once the file on your process, you will be able to upload all documents to communicate to your new members and send it to your via a public form. He will be able to visualize and download documents and to send it back to you when signed. He will also have the possibility to provide documents you need. You will be automatically inform of the reception of the documents.
After verification of the documents:

  • If it has been well filled and signed and if the documents provided are corrects, you will be able to archive the file, a notification email will be sent to your new member to confirm the reception of documents;
  • If there is a mistake in the documents provided, you will be able to return the elements indicating what is incomplete, a new public form will be sent to him.

Why using this process ?

  • Oversee all your new members;
  • Deal with your files through automatic notification emails;
  • Allow your new members to interact easily with you through public forms. 

    Save 29 minutes per project

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